Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

This has been a busy season for us with our recent move but I know how much I enjoy your yearly updates and so I made it a priority to do the same.
Although I decided to go easy on the Christmas decor this year, we are still enjoying the preparations for Christmas. The boys (Well Trevor) are so excited about having some time off so we are going to make the most of it. We will be baking today and finishing up some last minute gift shopping this evening. We are hopeful that John's parents (Who are still in the Tri-cities) will be able to make the drive up for Christmas Eve and then we will spend Christmas with my family at Brock and Laura's house. We are looking forward to special time with family.
We hope and pray that you will also enjoy this special time of the year and remember the most amazing gift ever given....our savior.

Amerimobile Lube

After much prayer and contemplation, we decided to make our dreams of having our own business, a reality. So, in January we purchased a vehicle and equipment and started Amerimobile Lube. It has taken many months to get things rolling and we are still trusting the Lord for the perfect timing to get up and running 100%. John has been working the business on the weekends and talking to potential customers but we don't feel like we are quite ready to make the transition. However, John may be making a job change in order to have more time for the business. Please pray that the Lord will show us His desire for the business and our future.

Veronica 2010

Veronica is currently working on her second year of college and has decided to go into the medical field. She is in a medical assistant program that she will finish in May. She is excited to get out and start working in her field of interest. So in just a few months, she will be a working woman.
She is still working at the daycare where she has been for quite some time. She works hard to work her way through school and she seems to be keeping up with all of her responsibilites quite well. With all of this, she still finds time for her boyfriend.
Veronica came in July and spend some time with us. We had a great time and she decided to go parasailing for her 20th birthday gift.
We are looking forward to spending time with her as well when we travel for Megan's graduation.

Megan 2010

Our sweet Megan is a senior in high school already. The last few years have been interesting for me as I remember the girls when they were the same age as the boys, even younger. That time has gone so quickly and it makes me realize the next 12 years will go even faster (That's how time goes). Megan got her driver's license and drives herself to school now. She is working hard in school so that she can get into the college of her choice. Although, she is in a program that will pay for the first two years at Community College (You can't beat that!). We are looking forward to making the trip to Missouri again for another graduation.
Megan came in August and spent a few days with us. We had fun downtown and spent some time in Couer De Alene shopping and playing at the beach.

Trevor 2010

Trevor is 8 and in second grade. He doesn't care much for school but we've been blessed to have the BEST teachers for him. School is hard for him but he doesn't complain too much and works pretty hard. He absolutely loves football and can sit through an entire football game and be ready for more. We play football in the big shop and he loves to make plays. Jakeb is usually the QB and Trevor likes to catch or play defense. He knows more about football than I do and I've been watching it most of my life. He has an incredible memory when it comes to things he enjoys. We just have to figure out how to translate that into academics. He continues to be the comic of the family and he and his dad are always reciting funny lines from movies. They are quite the pair.

Jakeb 2010

Jakeb turned 6 this year and started Kindergarten. He loves school and wishes he could go every day. He goes Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. It has been a good schedule for us but he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's home. He absolutely loves sports and likes to play them all. As most of you know, Jakeb is a great golfer but as the seasons change, so do his interests. Of course, all he wants to play now is football. He played t-ball last spring and had lots of fun. He is looking forward to basketball this winter.
Jakeb is really growing up. He is still sensitive and caring but as he gets older, he becomes less willing to show affection. He is very concerned about being COOL!

Our new home

We are finally feeling settled into our new home. Just as I unpacked the final box, it was time to get out the Christmas decorations.
We bought a home in a wonderful location: 1/4 mile from the boys' school and just 2 miles from I-90. It takes just over 5 minutes to get downtown and I save almost an hour each day commuting the kids to and from school. It is a blessing! We live in a cozy home on 4 1/2 acres, with two shops and lots of trees. We have been enjoying some winter evenings in the hot tub while watching the stars. We have been very busy with home projects. When we bought the home, we knew there was potential but lots had to be done. We tore out the flooring and installed new, painted, and completely remodeled a bathroom. We are still doing little projects but are thankful that most of the updates are behind us now. It looks like a completely different home and we are enjoying it more each day.
After a year and 4 months, we are feeling like Spokane is home. It took me awhile to adjust after leaving so many friends, family, church and activities behind. However, Spokane is really growing on us and we trust that the Lord has a plan for us here.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during our time of transition.

Our new address: 7111 S. Grove Rd., Spokane, WA 99224