Monday, December 20, 2010

Our new home

We are finally feeling settled into our new home. Just as I unpacked the final box, it was time to get out the Christmas decorations.
We bought a home in a wonderful location: 1/4 mile from the boys' school and just 2 miles from I-90. It takes just over 5 minutes to get downtown and I save almost an hour each day commuting the kids to and from school. It is a blessing! We live in a cozy home on 4 1/2 acres, with two shops and lots of trees. We have been enjoying some winter evenings in the hot tub while watching the stars. We have been very busy with home projects. When we bought the home, we knew there was potential but lots had to be done. We tore out the flooring and installed new, painted, and completely remodeled a bathroom. We are still doing little projects but are thankful that most of the updates are behind us now. It looks like a completely different home and we are enjoying it more each day.
After a year and 4 months, we are feeling like Spokane is home. It took me awhile to adjust after leaving so many friends, family, church and activities behind. However, Spokane is really growing on us and we trust that the Lord has a plan for us here.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during our time of transition.

Our new address: 7111 S. Grove Rd., Spokane, WA 99224

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